Do you ever feel like an imposter in the research world, questioning your abilities despite having the knowledge?

This common phenomenon, imposter syndrome, can be a major hurdle in publishing your research. You're not alone – many researchers experience self-doubt that hinders their confidence in navigating the publication process.

This free webinar tackles the root cause of the problem. We'll focus on proven strategies to help you overcome self-doubt and believe in your research. The key lies in building confidence through targeted learning tailored to your needs.

The Wiley Researcher Academy (WRA) goes beyond basic "how to publish" guides. This comprehensive platform offers a unique solution: a library of courses designed specifically for researchers to address the methodological approaches and best practices needed for successful publication. Tailor your learning journey with the WRA, focusing on areas that will boost your confidence and equip you with the skills to excel.

Join this free webinar to explore proven strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome and discover how the WRA's personalized learning approach can empower you to achieve successful research publication.

Don't let self-doubt hold you back – register today!

Meet the speaker

Dr. Sergey Paramonov
Researcher. Publisher. Educator.

Dr. Sergey Paramonov is a research communication expert with a background in organic and physical chemistry (PhD, 2010). He has authored 13 high-impact publications (h-index 7) and worked in research institutions across Russia, France, and Germany. Since 2012, his focus has shifted to scientific information distribution, holding roles at Thomson Reuters, Clarivate Analytics, and currently Wiley. Dr. Paramonov remains active as an educator and consultant, promoting best practices in scientific communication and Open Access publishing.

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